Bumper Replacement

Why Does a Bumper Replacement Take So Long?

It could’ve been your fault for following another vehicle too closely. Maybe someone was tailgating you and didn’t judge space very well. Or maybe there’s damage that mysteriously showed up after your kids borrowed the car. Whatever the case, you’re going to need a bumper replacement.

Finding a body shop that can do the job soon and at a great price can be a chore. But even when you choose Jay Wolfe Body Shop with speedy service, high-quality work, and competitive costs, it still takes time to get your bumper replacement done. Why is that?

Why Bumper Replacement Takes Time

The Bumper Doesn’t Arrive Prefinished

When any body shop orders in your new bumper cover, it arrives like a blank canvas: no paint. It’s usually coated in primer but it needs to be covered in the exact same shade of paint as your vehicle.

It’s not like visiting Lowe’s to grab a gallon of eggshell interior latex like you would at home. Car paint needs to be precisely matched using a paint code. That requires expertise, accurate research, and perfect measurement.

Once the paint has been mixed, it has to be applied to your bumper, and it’s not as easy as just one coat. First, it has to be sprayed in a paint booth that has excellent ventilation and is dust-free. Then, several coats are applied, as determined by your car manufacturer’s finishing process. It could be three, four, five, or even more, including base, paint, and clear coat. Plus, between each coat, paint takes 2 to 3 hours to dry.

Fitting Ain’t Easy

Front bumpers can be tricky to install. Between lining up clips and precisely aligning sensors, fenders, and other bits and pieces, installing a front bumper cover is tough stuff.

The same goes for the rear bumper. Not only is there a tailpipe, trunk lid, and fenders to worry about, but the tail lights often need to be removed to change out a bumper cover.

From the time your car’s bumper arrives at the body shop to the time it’s complete and installed, bumper replacement has taken more than one day and often, more than two. At Jay Wolfe Body Shop, we’ll streamline your bumper repair process as much as possible so you can get back into your own driver’s seat quick as can be. And we promise to do it right the first time - we put a lifetime guarantee on it!