How to Choose a Body Shop

What to Look For in a Body Shop in Kansas City

What Your Body Shop in Kansas City Should Have

Like choosing a car dealership, picking the body shop for your car’s collision repairs is a rather personal thing. You want to have a good experience, especially when the circumstances for your visit aren’t all that wonderful in the first place! Not all body shops are created equal, unfortunately. But what do you look for in a body shop in Kansas City?

Here are four criteria you should prioritize when you’re searching for the right body shop in Kansas City, MO for your collision repairs.

Clean Office and Shop

What you see in the front office is quite often an indication of how your collision repairs will go. If it seems messy and disorganized or there are paperwork problems off the start, it could be a sign…

A good body shop has a well-organized front office. They’re also more than willing to show you around their shop, which is also clean and orderly. Since the final results depend heavily on the equipment and cleanliness around the facility, it’s a significant factor for the office and shop to both be in order.

Quick Estimates

Your insurance provider probably has a rough estimate together, but the body shop will need to solidify that estimate. And one of the bottlenecks in the process is commonly the waiting game for estimates and approvals.

Body shops that have good relationships with most insurance companies can usually get the job done faster and, often, better. Estimating repairs are quick when the body shop knows how to navigate each insurer’s processes efficiently.

Convenient Transportation Options

If you’re bringing in your car for body shop repairs, what are you going to drive? A good body shop has transportation arranged on your behalf according to the insurer. A nearby rental car agency is just a phone call away.

But a great body shop? They have convenient transportation on hand. Jay Wolfe Body Shop has an Enterprise Car Rental location on site to save you time and trouble when you need alternate transportation.

High Ratings

The most important thing about you collision repairs is just that - the repairs! The body shop you choose has to do it right, and it’s their previous customers that can tell you how well they do. Choose a body shop in Kansas City that has dozens of positive reviews and a Google rating of well above four stars.