What to Do After a Collision

Four Steps to Follow After a Collision

The horn is blaring and fine white powder is settling from the airbags inflating. You’ve been in a collision. After gathering your wits, you’ve checked that you’re okay, your passengers are alright, and no one is hurt in the other vehicle. Sirens are whining in the distance, so someone must’ve called 911 already. But now what? Do you know what to do after a collision?

Exchange Information  Exchange Information

It’s all about the details. After an accident, it’s absolutely crucial to get the other driver’s contact information and their vehicle details. This isn’t the time to debate who’s at fault – that’s for the authorities to decide. What you need is the information you’ll provide to your insurance regarding anyone else involved in the collision so they can do their job. As well as other parties involved in the collision, get the police officers’ names and badge numbers, and request a copy of the police report.

Document the Scene Document the Scene

Here’s where owning a smartphone really pays off. Take pictures of the accident scene from all angles, capturing the scenario in as much detail as possible. These pictures might come to your defense down the line. The real benefit for you is that pictures will help you recall the accident in detail after the mental picture gets fuzzy and you can’t quite recall what happened.

Call Insurance Call Your Insurer

At fault or not, call your insurance provider. Here’s the thing: even if you don’t want to get dinged with an accident on record, you need to protect yourself against litigation if the other party is injured or their insurer comes after you. Start the claims process while you’re at the scene if it’s possible. That way, an agent can help you make sure you get all the information necessary to file a claim completely. You’re probably a little shaken from the collision (or a lot), so you might forget something otherwise. Identify where you’d like your car taken for repair, and hopefully that’s us.

Notify Body Shop Notify Your Repair Shop

As soon as you have a claim, call your collision repair shop in Kansas City, Jay Wolfe Body Shop. Let us know that you’ve been involved in an accident and that we might see your car coming in soon. Our expert team will walk you through the rest of the claims process.