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Total Loss Car Accident

Why is My Car a Total Loss?

You have car insurance for a reason. After an accident, major weather event, or unfortunate incident, your car might be badly damaged. Depending on how extensive that damage is, the insurance company could tell you that your car is a total loss. You may not be ready to hear it. If you love your car

Traffic Jam

When Are the Most Dangerous Driving Times?

No matter when you’re on the road, you have to be diligent. Car accidents can happen at any time and to anyone. But you might’ve noticed that at certain times of the day, it seems like there are more minor fender benders and dangerous accidents than others. Are there actually more dangerous driving times? Dangerous

Bumper Replacement

Why Does a Bumper Replacement Take So Long?

It could’ve been your fault for following another vehicle too closely. Maybe someone was tailgating you and didn’t judge space very well. Or maybe there’s damage that mysteriously showed up after your kids borrowed the car. Whatever the case, you’re going to need a bumper replacement. Finding a body shop that can do the job

How to Choose a Body Shop

What to Look For in a Body Shop in Kansas City

What Your Body Shop in Kansas City Should Have Like choosing a car dealership, picking the body shop for your car’s collision repairs is a rather personal thing. You want to have a good experience, especially when the circumstances for your visit aren’t all that wonderful in the first place! Not all body shops are

What to Do After a Collision

Four Steps to Follow After a Collision The horn is blaring and fine white powder is settling from the airbags inflating. You’ve been in a collision. After gathering your wits, you’ve checked that you’re okay, your passengers are alright, and no one is hurt in the other vehicle. Sirens are whining in the distance, so