Quick Reference Accident Guide

What to do before an accident happens?

Here at Jay Wolfe Body Shop, your safety is our main concern. Below is a list of important tips to help lessen the chance of an accident. Always Wear Seat Belts Don’t Use a Cell Phone While Driving: Using a cell phone while driving, as many studies have shown, can make the driver four times more vulnerable to an accident. If you must use the phone, pull off the road with the car turned off. Obey Emergency Vehicle Laws: Always pull over to the right shoulder when emergency vehicles approach. Reduce Distractions: Having your music turned up too loud can block out important emergency vehicle sirens leaving you unaware of their presence. Applying makeup, reading a book or magazine, eating, or any other distraction that keeps your eyes off the road, clearly compromises your driving ability. Adjust/Check Your Mirrors: Always make sure all car mirrors are adjusted to their correct positions. Keep Your Headlights On: Driving with headlights on not only makes it easier for you to see at night, it also makes your vehicle more visible to others at all times. Beware of Weathered Roads: Rain, snow, sleet and other weather-related issues can make the roads difficult to navigate. Always use caution, reduce speeds and give yourself as much time as possible for evasive maneuvers.

When you’re ready, Jay Wolfe Body Shop offers a number of drop-off points minutes away from downtown Kansas City, the Northland and Johnson County. All Makes and Models Welcome: We proudly repair all vehicles regardless of make, model or year. Work With All Major Insurance Carriers: We aim to be as accessible as possible to our customers by working with all major insurance companies. Lifetime Guarantee: We offer a lifetime guarantee on our work, ensuring you peace of mind. Mobile Estimator: Our mobile estimator allows for a quick estimate, and in turn a faster repair process. Quality Products & Process: We use only the finest products and offer unique services such as baking our paint at 160 degrees, just as the manufacturer does on the assembly line. On-Site Hertz Rental: For your convenience, we have a Hertz rental service available on site.